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Mango Cup Round One 


Coastal Conference


#1 Rampage v. #8 Easy Work (RPG leads 2-1)  Easy Work escaped the last game with an OT win to get back into the series but the Rampage's T_gibby is tearing it up 8 points through the first three games.


#2 Grizzlies v. #7 Ragnarok (GRZ leads 2-1) Grizzlies came out hard in game one got a lot easier in game two and then struggled to defend the Ragnarok in game three. Kappy lead the way for the Griz in the first two games with 8 points while sweettooth flexed for a 6 goal explosion in game three as the series shifts to Thursday.


#3 Warriors v. #6 X-Bladez (WAR leads 2-1) Warriors worked over the X-Bladez in game one  the Bladez were able to bounce back in game two before falling in triple OT in game three. RICO505-_- had an impressive game two with 8 points (4G 4A) to lead the way. As for the Bladez they will continue to play tight defense on Thursday and look to even up the series or go down 3-1.


#4 Growlers v. #5 Cowboys (GRO leads 2-1) Cowboys saddled up with a win in game three but are going to need more consistent effort if they are to battle the Nefundlanders. All three games were very close games right down to the end. Former Cowboy put on a show in games 1-2 with 8 points in the two wins however XxCR33_SniPeRxX 4 point game three has the Boys back in the series for Thursday night.


Mountain Conference 


#1 Rush v. #8 Wrath (RUS leads 3-0) It may all be over for the Wrath in their debut season however you can bet they will be pressing full throttle on Thursday to try and make it a competitive series. The Rush have outscored the Wrath 19-5 so far and if the Wrath have any plans to get back into this they are going to have to slow down the offense and add some pop of their own.


#2 Hitmen v. # 7 Spartans (HIT leads 2-1) The Spartans were awarded a FF victory but are really going to have to slow down the Hitmen offense who when they showed up scored an average of 8 goals in both victories. Ah-xX-FooStY-Xx led the way with 9 points (3 G 6 A) while Atkins balled out in game two scoring 5 goals respectively. Series shifts to Thursday night as the Spartans try to get back in it.


#3 Raiders v. #6 Tallawahs (TAL leads 2-1) The lone upset to start is currently the Tallawahs who stingy defense was able to slow down the Raiders. The lowest scoring series with only 12 combined goals between the two clubs the defense and goaltending have been outstanding. Les_snipes earned his first Mango Cup shutout in game one 2-0 win then the Raiders bounced back 4-3 concluding with another stingy 2-1 Tallawahs victory.


#4 RedruM v. #5 North Stars (RED leads 3-0) The students could not master the teacher to start as RedruM dominated all aspects of their 3-0 series lead on Tuesday night. TNT will have to boost his locker room if they have any chance in bouncing back. MattySnipes with some of the slickest hands on Tuesday led the Rum with 9 assists in the three games.


Papaya Cup Round One

#1 Bandits v. #8 Armageddon (BAN leads 2-0) Bandits are playing some great hockey in front of the sure handed maxthepats in goal. The Armageddon played hard including an OT loss and look to rebound on Thursday to get back into the series.


#2 Hornets v. #7 Finest (HOR leads 2-0) Hornets offense showed up last night as bobbys_rash made his Papaya debut with 7 goals as they buzzed past the Finest. The Finest earned their spot with a great win verse the Sharks and look to bounce back Thursday as they try to slow down the Hornets.


#3 Phantoms v. #6 Kraken (PHA wins 3-0) Kraken FF....


#4 Mustangs v. #5 Thunder (MUS leads 2-0) The wheels seem to be coming off for Toto69NY as the Thunder could not show face on Tuesday. Look for them to recharge and try to get involved in the series as it shifts to Thursday night.

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