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It's night 2 of semi-finals action, the teams are gearing up!!!

I got a chance to stop by the team locker rooms and grab a few players for pre game interviews:

Grizzlies (Tufflinkz, Axful)

TNT: I heard a lot of talk about the Grizzlies taking this one, but you guys are down 3-0. What is going to get it done tonight? How do you guys plan on getting that reverse sweep done?

Tuffliknz: "I have full confidence about my team and I coming back and making this reverse sweep happen my game will depend on how the other team plays if they play me hard like most teams have these playoffs then I will just be a distraction on the ice while my team gets the job done if they decide to play it normally I will take my time and space in order to make plays to get me to the net to do what I do best and that’s score goals."

TNT: How many games do you have left? How do you feel you can help the team pull this off?

Tufflinkz: "I have 4 games left and I feel like I can For sure make this happen for my team."

TNT: With your team down 3-0, what did you take away from Tuesday night and how can you guys change that?

Axful: "Well, Tuesday night clearly didn’t go to plan. Between last second line changes due to availability (which I can be partially blamed for), and low scoring games, it is clear that the night didn’t go as planned. However, one bad night isn’t keeping us down whatsoever. Our team is still fired up and optimistic as ever, which may help us over take the Rampage. Tonight we will bounce back and play our hearts out, as we are a very good team with a very good mindset whom still have a shot at the Mango cup. #GRIZZLYSZN"

Rampage (Snaggyfrew)

TNT: The Rampage had a dicey goalie situation earlier this season, how was it stepping up and being that wall in net for them? How have your teammates been in your time with the team?

Frew: "The rampage didn’t bring me in until the last week for waiver call ups, and I didn’t really get much play with them until the last week of the season. As for being a wall for them my success comes with how they’ve been playing around me. They lock down a lot in the defensive zone for me and take away most of the high scoring chances and help me out a crazy amount. These guys all welcomed me in with pure class, being a more quite guy. I enjoy the days I get to play with them they’re a crazy fun group."

TNT: You guys are up 3-0 and sit one game away from the finals. How are you guys keeping and cool, knowing you need 1 more win before you can celebrate?

Frew: "Being up 3-0 means nothing until we got the 4th win. To myself and the rampage every game comes down to a game 7. As for staying cool, we’re just a bunch of guys who love the sport of hockey and love to play together. As for celebrating, nobody remembers the quarter finalist or semi finalist and that’s what Jimi has said. The job is not over until it’s completely over, once it’s over then we can really celebrate."

Rush (Billybobjo, Shank, Vynnerganson)

TNT: With the team down 2-1, what do you guys think the key is to taking 3 out of 4 games tonight?

Vynnerganson: "The thing is that their top forward line of oppi, Bradeii and Atkins- are off the ice until game seven so it’s really gonna be up to our second lines to pull out and win at least two games to send it to a game seven but I feel as if our second line is way better chemistry than their second line and I feel that we could easily when this in sixth if we just stick to our game."

Shank: "Gotta do that thing where we put the puck in the goal more than they do. As long as we get an early lead and build off of it I doubt there will be a problem. Also have to stay composed on defense and not get rattled if they start buzzing."

Billybobjo: "Well I think we got these games our team cycle game is pretty much unstoppable and I think with shank trapz and Silva there chemistry is pretty much the best I’ve seen so far Ik vynner is a great goalie and he also plays a big part in tonight’s games"

TNT: How many games do each of you have left, and what role can you each play in turning the series around?

Vynnerganson: "I have a total of two games left unless the series goes to game seven. With Mack only able to play one more game that means I have to step in net and prevent a talented hitmen group from scoring, Most people know me as a forward in this league it’s only been last season that I started playing goalie, But with the likes of machew and my boys upfront I feel that I have the right players on the ice to protect me and limit good high quality shots and I see us coming out buzzing in these next few games and taking this first year team a cup #RushIn6"

Shank: "3 games left. I think that if I along with my line mates silva and trxpz get going then we can do some major damage tonight. It’s going to be a team effort and personally I have to build on the success I’ve found this season up on forward and continue producing. Turning the tide tonight won’t be on one player, it’ll be the team showing up and playing as well as I know we can, from the forwards to the goalie."

Billybobjo: "I got 2 games left at rd but as I see it them 2 games are going to be very competitive and very stressful but with the goalie behind me and the forwards in front of me I think our team can pull this off we got a good group of guys and we are ready to battle so goodluck hitmen cause u started a war with the wrong team"

Hitmen (Bradeii, Atkins)

TNT: You guys are up 2-1 in the series. Is there anything you guys need to change up to take this one? Or do you guys feel confident with where the team is at?

Bradeii: "We cant feel too bad about being up 2-1 in the series, we have a great defensive based line going tonight and I am confident we can get the job done. Very evenly matched, and if probabilities even out we're getting atleast 1 win in g4,5,6. Then its time for me atkins and oppi to heat up in a game 7, and I am more than confident we will get the job done there."

Atkins: "I think right now we feel good being up 2-1 in this series I think we just have to play our game move the puck quickly and get good chances and we should do fine the boys have been in the lab cooking so we are ready."

TNT: You guys are both big time forwards on this team? What is it about this team as a whole that has made both of you so successful this season?

Bradeii: "Having the best puck moving dmen in the league makes it to easy to break into the zone, and get into those lethal positions where we can dominate. WE're often told every matchup we play is an Offensive vs Defensive team, however I would argue our defense is even better than our offense. Having constant stops in our zone, and great puck movement just takes all the weight off our shoulders and makes it so easy to perform at the level we do."

Atkins: "I feel we have the best D core in the league it doesn't matter who we play who with on defence they find a way to work together and I feel on forward me oppi and brad have just been playing with each other for a while that we just know where each other go and what plays we like to run, as well as having good goalies to back us up makes everyone on the team a-lot more confident knowing, when we need that big save we can count on our goalies to get those big saves."

TNT: How many games do you each have left, and how are you guys looking to contribute to the series win?

Bradeii: "Atkins and I have played all 3 games so far, so we're only eligible to play game 7, if our lines tonight goes 1-2. We rebounded from the Mac game and dominated game 2 and game 3, and we will do the same in a potential game 7 tonight. Hopefully we don't have to play tonight and can finish it off in the first 2 games, but I like our chances in a Game 7 worst case scenario."

Atkins: "I've played 3 games so if I were to touch the ice again in this series it would be game 7, hopefully, we don't have to play because I want to play HUT because I just got a 95 overall Matthews in HUT!!!

P.S I have to give a SO to Rush Goalie mackmiyagi he has been a stud in the 2 games he has played and has made it very hard for us to score"


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