Spartans v. Hitmen

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This will be both owners' first trip to the dance, but it's all the more sweeter for Alberta-Rockies, who was able to keep the same core around, and produce a different results.

The Spartans also snuck into the playoffs with a 14-15-1 record, and their statistics tell an interesting story. UsTank69 led the team in points with 64; the same amount he finished with last year, but it took him 15 LESS games this time around. UsTank69 has also scored the most points wearing his team's uniform 3 seasons in a row. Unseen-remorse99 and xROVOCx also contributed more than 50 points from the wings. Thefizah and Alberta-Rockies paced the team defensively, and put up great numbers. The 2 blue liners had 227 and 183 takeaways respectively. However, the Spartans lack between the pipes. Spartans goalies had some trouble keeping the puck out of the back of the net, putting up a 5.07 GAA and a .760 sv%. The Spartans are going to have some work to do if they want to beat their high-scoring opponents.


The Hitmen are heavily favoured to win this one, as they finished just behind the Rush, with 41 points.. The Hitmen have managed a 7-4-1 record since shipping off their top scorer in return for some defensive help in the form of top overall pick Tiernan2198. Tiernan 2198 finished this season with 147 takeaways in 15 games, just behind notoriousnick24 who finished with 164 takeaways in just 13 games. Of course, the real story to the Hitmen is their high powered offence. Oppiicity paced the team with 75 points and a 4.41 P/GP this season, with help from xbradeii and Atkins77-, who contributed 54 and 53 points a piece. The Hitmen's goalie situation is also quite comforatble, as the goalie tandem of 3 put together a 2.96 GAA and a .784 sv%.

The Hitmen look like the team that is poised to win this one if you dive into the stats, but the Spartans never back down from a fight.

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