The Rampage’s Rowdy Route to Glory

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To go through the history of the Rampage, we need to look at the history of AJR and how he created the team. Season 3 may have been the most important season in Rampage history as AJR played alongside T_Gibby with the Spittin’ Chiclets, undoubtedly forming a bond that will bear a golden fruit in the following seasons.


Season 4 is the debut of Rampage. AJR, T_Gibby, and Gallagher’s first season together goes impeccably. T_Gibby and Gallagher host one of the most potent offenses in the WOCHL and they combine for 346 points in the regular season. AJR was the most productive listed defenseman contributing 85 points. Support from players like CrippleStreets, Gregroth, Killjoy, and Sumeet pushed this team over the edge and made this team look like a real contender.


This is where the roads of fate merge into controversy. Redrum, a heritage club dating back to the start of WOCHL faces off against the new powerhouse of Rampage. Through a loophole in the WOCHL rulebook, Redrum was able to choose which servers were used in each game. Redrum elected to choose favorable servers and the contested series went to 5 games. Rampage fell 2-7 to Redrum in the decider & the promising debut season ended in controversy. 

After the tainted debut season, Season 5 goes well as they avoid the sophomore slump & get the 4th best record in the league. The duo produced 343 points combined and AJR produced 66 points, some of the best numbers for a defenseman in the league. The team would fall short in the conference semi-finals against the screaming eagles.


In Season 6, AJR chooses to step down for personal reasons, thus opening the door for JimiSkins to take control of the Rampage. The duo of Gibby and Gally return for the Rampage and they put up ridiculous numbers. In their best season (Season 4), they had 346 points combined in 84 games. In a shortened season, they had 150 points in 34 games.  To quantify and make it easier for you to understand the rates they put the rubber in the net;


Season 4: 346/84= 4.11 points per game (Gally + Gibby)


Season 6: 150/34= 4.4 points per game (Gally + Gibby)


And to put into perspective how much of an increase this is, imagine Season 6 had the full 84 game season multiplied by the ridiculous rate of 4.4 points per game, you get the astronomical number of 370 projected points for that season


The duo and new addition Yungwun made the offense super-powered. Players like Sedinpower, Aptimal, Moistvp, VanCanucksFan, Murph, and Repete all played a key role. Mooner and Letxng both had stellar seasons in the net. Jimiskins had led the Rampage into their 3rd straight playoff run.


The first round was against another heritage club in Easy Work. Easy Work, a lot like Rampage, had a change of ownership and a makeover. This new-look Easy Work had pushed Rampage to a game 7. However, Rampage pushed out a 2-1 result to get to the second round.


The second round hosted the Cowboys in an intense series. Cowboys won the first game but the Rampage then had won 3 games straight. The Rampage closed the series out in 6 and had reserved their place in their first semi-final since server gate. 


The third round was quick work for the Rampage. The highly touted Grizzlies had struggled in the postseason and the Rampage dominated in 5. This pushed the Rampage into their first-ever WOCHL FInals.


The Season 6 WOCHL Finals was a legendary series. Magnificant hockey was played as both teams attacked and played with their hearts on their sweaters. The newly formed Hitmen lead by Oppicity, Atkins, Tiernan. It was the weirdest opening to the series as the Rampage ran riot over the Hitmen. The night ended with the Rampage holding a 3 game lead and a looming fear of the Hitmen getting swept. 


All these fears subsided as the Hitmen started winning… a lot. They won 3 straight and had pushed a game 7. This was not just a game of hockey, it was a benchmark in WOCHL history.

 If the Hitmen win, Oppicity’s first year of owning ends in glory as he built a championship-winning team (a task most veteran owners can’t do). If game 7 falls to the Hitmen, what happens to the Rampage? Do they dare try to take the Gally-Gibby Duo back for the 4th season? Do the Rampage dissipate and their legacy turns into an image of Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown over and over again?

We will never know. In a poetic twist, the two teams with some of the highest-scoring offenses in the league ended the game 7 in a 1-0 game. Rampage had finally won the big one. A team that was hit year after year with the short end of the stick had finally gotten the lucky bounce they needed to win it all!


I was able to get some insight from the creator of the Rampage, AJR:


ATC: “What emotions did you have seeing your former team finally lift the cup after so many seasons?”


AJR: “A lot of happiness man. Of course, it’s a little bittersweet because I wasn’t a part of it but those guys deserve it after coming so close the last two seasons. Jimi and Gibby built a great team and it showed.”


ATC: “Who came up with the idea to keep Rampage together and how did that conversation go?”


AJR: “It was actually a surprise that the Rampage legacy lived on. After last season I needed a break, I had just graduated college and was starting my new job, and I wanted to enjoy the summer. When I was talking to Jimi after the season I told him that I wasn’t owning anymore and Gibby and Gallagher didn’t want to own either. Jimi said he would like to own but wasn’t sure if he had the time. I told Jimi if he wants the team it’s all his, and then one thing leads to another and now the club has its first Mango Cup.”


And I was also able to get comments from JimiSkins about his team, and he had this to say:


“Gibby:  Everyone knows Gibby is great.  Great guy on and off the sticks.


Gallagher:  Cocky and confident, just what you need to get the guys going in a tough spot.  The guy is a game-changer.


Dimentxo:  Doesn't talk much but plays a mean RW.  Put him on a forward line with Gallagher and Gibby and you can't lose.


Yungwun: 2nd pick for a reason the guy can make any line look good with his passing and defense.


Sedinpower:  Never joined team chat, but is probably the best d man in the league.  Check the stats. 


Mooner: top goalie and one of the better all-around skaters in the league.  A touch of cockiness and he fit right in. 


Letaxg:  another top goalie that was originally drafted as an RW but stepped in and up to become our starter.  You'll hear about him in seasons to come no doubt.


Frew:  snagged frew on the last free-agent acquisition day.  Freckle took AJ and we got another top G.  Without frew we don't win the cup that simple.


Moistvp:  Another great winger that put up with my last-second lineup changes and always came to play.  His play won us games all year.

Still going kid. It asleep lol


Murph:  got Murph in a trade with growlers, I think he was happy with the result.  Played LD mostly and did a great job.


Repete:  Also got repete in a trade with tallawahs,  solid dman and I probably should've played him more.

Vancanucks:  STEAL OF THE DRAFT!  Top 3 dman in the league!  Owners will be dumb to pass up on this guy next season.”


Of course, I want to highlight AJR & Jimiskins, as it is a touching story of how a wochl team is more than a team. How where you are drafted can define the player and the person off the ice. Jimiskins carrying on the Rampage name, keeping the core, and bringing the Mango cup is what the WOCHL is all about. AJR can say that through the seasons of controversial losses and short-comings that the Rampage had gone through, his club had finally won the Mango cup.


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