WoCHL Week 2 Trade Tracker

Monday July 12th

  • Rush trade Lannisterbro to Easy Work for Vynnerganson


  • Hitmen trade swagtommy to Phantoms for onekneetoe

Wednesday July 14th

  • RedruM trade TuffLinks to Grizzlies for TigerFan1984


  • Hornets trade MaximusDonkeus to Tallawahs for Bobbys_Rash

Thursday July 15th

  • Growlers trade FC_Buck to the Tallawahs for jtootoo22-


  • Sharks trade xcheechoo to the Growlers for ahhhhhhhhhstinnn


  • Sharks trade Fabianplowman to the Mustangs for Giantkv


Friday July 16th

  • Tallawahs trade Beeper_tha_1st_a and cxnfucixus to the Mustangs for Blazin_Stoner420 and Darkside_reborn_


  • Spartans trade BOE-Dreams to the Sharks for DGUIDI27




  • RedruM has dealt broken_skull316 and DCExclusive to the Thunder. Thunder trade Foranpolicy to Bandits. Bandits trade Colelake11 to RedruM


  • North Stars trade Mozman__93 and HighTimesGamer to the Tallawahs for Tuck1515


  • The Rush trade Dab3astisgreen to the Sharks for Billybobjo12344


  • Grizzlies trade Scotiaman and Jos-Lukas to the Sharks for Temp-509505 and HammerPhister


  • The Phantoms have sent RBCressor to the Hitmen for MosesQ360


Saturday July 17th


  • Hitmen trade na_slapdoge and falcolover for moshimoshi and thinmints39-



  • The Raiders have traded TheGarbageMan_43 to the Cowboys for BoatsnHxxs333


  • The Grizzlies have traded SOUTHERNMIDNIGHT to the Phantoms for mclarke323

Sunday July 18th


It is the early morning hours of deadline day, and there is more to announce…


  • The X-Bladez have dealt Sharpie74 and Wpg_Mob t0 the Phantoms for Dylagan23


  • The Nordiques have traded MassAppeal6818 to the Sharks for jonnyrawton



THEREALDEALTNT13 has traded his first round pick TWICE in 3 seasons as an owner… Will it pay off this time?


  • The North Stars have traded Tiernan2198 and Ah-xx-fooStY-xx to the Hitmen for ITZ_KXSHQC_ and Totty-2k-


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