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Tonight you'll see see the classic 1 v 8 match up. Will there be an upset? or have the Rush earned their spot atop their division?

Led by Yung96 and breakout star Hunter-Shank, the Rush finished 20-7-3 with 43 points, which was good enough to secure first place in the Mountain Conference by 2 points over the Hitmen and Raiders. Despite having a top scorer in Yung96 (79 pts), the real surprise story from the Rush was surely their Defensive game. Rush goalies combined for a 2.87 GAA and .787 sv% this season. Mackmiyagi led the way, with a 13-4-2 record in 19 starts this season. Defensively, chroong69 and BigLeagueMachew led the way with 160 and 170 takeaways respectively. chroong69 also brought a huge physical presence to the team, tallying 156 hits, good enough for 4th in the league. Will they keep this play up and punch their ticket to the second round, or do the under-dogs have something to say.

Despite the 14-15-1 record, the Wrath managed to sneak into the playoffs with 29 points. TTV_Brayden1922 was able to fire up the offence over the last 2 weeks of the season, finishing second on his team in points with 35, despite playing just 11 games. In fact, 2 of the Wrath's top 3 scorers played less than 15 games this season. If availability in in their favour this playoff round, could we see a different team than their record shows? The Wrath were defensively led by BHwy1100, who tallied 209 takeaways in just 17 games. Mid season acquisition, falcolover will look to lead the team from the crease. He had quite the season in 13 games, finishing with a 2.48 GAA and an .831 sv%.

These teams stack up a lot better on paper than their records show, but the Rush have been ready all season. Can the Wrath pull off the upset? Or is this match up already set in stone?

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