Bryce West

Running Back / Linebacker

Age 9

East County Lions

Height: 4’9’

Weight - 73 LBS


Written by: David Vitone

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East County Lion Bryce West always looks to make an impact as soon as he touches the football field. The nine-year-old is exceptionally versatile, playing on both sides of the ball, serving as a linebacker and running back. West first playedflag football at seven years old. After learning and developing the mechanics, he moved to contact football, and for his first year, he’s been more than successful. In his first year, he averaged at least two touchdowns a game, sometimes three.His ability to put his head down and turn on the jets to hit pay dirt is incredible.


However, the hard work and dedication West has put in deserves recognition.While he makes sure to take every rep

and practice seriously, his determination is what separates him from the playing field. Mastering the mechanics and technique of a running back and linebacker is a necessity for West. He works on his speed and agility in his free time, anything to get the upper hand on the opposing team.


West’s favorite NFL player is Pittsburgh Steelers first-round pick Running Back Najee Harris. Like Harris, West wants to play for the Alabama Crimson Tide under head coach Nick Saban, as many running backs who have played in the Alabama system have gone on to become exceptional players in the NFL. However, that’s not theonly reason why West looks up to Harris. They are from the same hometown, where they also lived near each other in Antioch, California. However, West’s parents attended Jackson State, and if head coach Deion Sanders otherwise known as “Primetime,” is still coaching, he’d also be open to playing there.


Bryce West is truly defining what an athlete is, as he’s already won many awards for his performances, including 019 CCC Basketball Champion/MVP, 2021 CFA Champion/MVP, and CFA 2018/2019/2021 Scholar-Athlete Award. Even though he only has one year of contact football under his belt, he was invited to play on the 2022 East County Youth football All-Star Team. Quite the resume for a nine-year-old.


A team leader is someone every coach wants on their squad, and West is exactly that. Whether leaning on him to make the big play or motivating his teammates to do their best, he’s always there. One of his favorite things about football is not only scoring touchdowns; watching his team grow collectively and get better every day is somethinghe takes pride in.


While his sports achievements are remarkable, he also excels in the classroom. He’s sustained honor roll three years in a row, and he won the MLK Art and Essay Scholarship Award in 2020. West is a name to remember inthe coming future, as his success so far is incredibly rare and a


recipe for massive success. He knows that he’s his competition, and if he wants to fulfill his goals, it’s solely up tohim.





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