Nasir Wilcher


Age 11

Lightning Elite

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 89 LBS


Written by: David Vitone

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Nasir Wilcher is a cornerback that every coach and defensive guru wants on their team. Wilcher, 11 years old, currently on the Lightning Elite football team, poises to be a quarterback’s defensive nightmare. Wilcher first picked up the game of football at a young age, around five years old, is where he learned the x’s and o’s of an offense and defense.


Los Angeles Rams Cornerback Jalen Ramsey is Wilcher’s role model. Ramsey’s ability to lock down a receiver is truly special and arguably the best cornerback in the league when playing man to man. Wilcher, like Ramsey, their performances have stood out, earning them awards and honors. While Ramsey is a four-time pro bowler, Wilcher proves his athletic ability should be taken seriously, he was the runner-up for

the Heisman in his league, and he was the offensive player of the year in 2019.


However, even with Wilcher’s success on the field, he earned the leadership award, proving to be a true focal point for the defense and his team as a whole. The ability to dominate on the field physically and be someone that teammates can lean on to rally the team together and defeat the opponent is an attribute every coach wants.


Wilcher’s mostly comfortable when playing man to man where he can jam the receiver off the line or play lockdown coverage when the ball is snapped. To improve his ability to follow the receiver, he works consistently on conditioning, which is his favorite part of training.


Even with Wilcher’s football IQ to pick up the game easily, he loves learning different techniques to add it to his arsenal. He would certainly like to fulfill goals at such a young age as his game only continues to get better. While his big dream is to play in the NFL, he would like to play Division I football for Oregon or head coach Nick Saban at Alabama.


Wilcher’s devotion to the game of football at such a young age shows a promising future. When he hits the field, he plays with a chip on his shoulder because he wants to make his sisters and parents proud. While also receiving great grades in the classroom, he makes sure to do chores around the house and help his parents with whatever they need. Wilcher’s commitment to on and off the field puts him at a great pace to succeed his goals.





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