Ali Beydoun

Offensive Position: QB

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 120lbs

Saint Johns Jesuit Academy


Written by: Tyler Reis-Sanford

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With an outstanding combination of talent, pedigree, and hard work, Ali Beydoun is quickly making himself one of the premier young quarterback prospects in the nation. A dual threat, Beydoun prides himself on his deep ball and pocket awareness, but his natural talents and quick first step allow him to flee collapsing pockets and extend plays that other quarterbacks simply couldn't. 


As a passer, Ali truly shines when he is showing off his arm power in the mid range and when throwing deep downfield. He consistently finds crossing receivers in traffic, and has the awareness and power to throw fastball-like passes into tight windows against both man and zone defenses. He occasionally struggles with minor details in his footwork, but his progress has been astounding under the guidance of his quarterback coach, and former NFL Vetran, Bruce Gradkowski. 


Ali Beydoun is truly a student of the game, as he trains weekly with Gradkowski and attends speed and quickness training with coach Michael Robinson at 4th and Goal Athletics three days a week. From footwork fundamentals, to high IQ breakdowns of opposing coverages, Beydoun’s training regime gives him an excellent foundation to continue to grow his skillset. As an NFL role model, Ali models his game after current NFL star Russell Wilson, who also tears apart opposing defenses with both his legs and his arm. Beydoun strives to be the best and do his best at everything he does, whether it’s on or off the field. In the classroom Ali maintains a 4.0 average, and makes sure to take care of his school work quickly so he can get back to working on his craft on the gridiron. 


Although Ali’s career is just starting, he has already been ranked the #1 quarterback prospect in Ohio for the class of 2027, and was ranked 23rd nationwide at the position. Ali also had the honors of being one of 8 finalists selected for the NFL play 60 Super Kid contest, which features dedicated young athletes who commit to 60 minutes a day of physical activity. 


The future is clearly very bright for Beydoun, who hopes his talent and work ethic will translate to success at the next level. For him that means excelling for his junior high school football team, and eventually becoming the starting varsity quarterback for his highschool. Should Ali continue to grow his skillset, and improve at the rate he currently is, the future may in fact be even brighter than he could imagine, and one day young quarterbacks could be wearing #3 Beydoun jerseys.





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