Brayden Boults

Elite Frog Unit


06 LBS


Written by: Mackenzie Meaney

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A young running back with a great vision of the field, Brayden “Superman” Boults is a tough competitor who plays with heart, passion and drive. 

Superman has incredible leadership skills on the field. He loves to help his teammates succeed and lead by example. At a young age, he already plays at such a high level with a continued love for the game. He understands the intricacies that come with playing running back; being able to visualize the field, have good balance and good speed. Training and working on skills with an agility ladder is one of the ways Boults stays connected to the game when he is off the field and continue to stay sharp. 

Boults has punched many tickets to combines and camps over the years. He has also won MVP awards from his conference and his state as well. He is one of the top under the radar RBs in the country at his age and will only grow over time. 

Off the field, Superman does well in the classroom and volunteers his time to working with a company that provides living services to disabled individuals and writes letters to troops overseas, and picks up trash with his father. His commitment to his community and his connection to the military through his father shows that Superman is a well rounded individual with a good head on his shoulders. 

As for his future, Boults would like to attend LSU and play football there, as well as make it to the NFL one day, something entirely achievable with the success young Superman has had so far in his career.





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