Daveon Thorn

Steubenville Broncos


81 LBS


Written by: Mackenzie Meaney

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Daveon Thorn is a speedy wide receiver who makes an impact every time he touches the field.  

The young star can run 200 yards in 33 seconds. Flying down the field, Thorn can read his opposition, run routes flawlessly and create separation so he can make a catch. He loves learning new routes and racking up completions, and trains to work on his speed and agility. Thorn can also play safety, showing he is multidimensional and able to see both sides of the ball very well. 

He also has many accolades to his name. Thorn is a 2019 All Star, 3 time league champion, the most improved player on his team in the 2020 season, the best safety at the Willie Parker Camp in 2021, and will be attending the Diamond Sports Group Elite Squad Games in 2022.

Thorn is also a total team player. He loves working hard with his teammates in order to win games and create chances to set each other up for success. Some of the things that motivate him are having the opportunity to play football and catch the ball and hearing people cheer him on and support him. 

When not playing football, Thorn is dominating on the track or on the baseball field. The young speedster has won medals for his 200 meter dash time, and led his baseball team in their strikeout statistics. Thorn is an A average student and prides himself on being a good big brother to his siblings.

Thorn is a hard worker who is driven to be successful in everything he does. He hopes to attend The Ohio State University when he is older and play for the Buckeyes and play in big time college football stadiums like the ones at Alabama and LSU. Thorns ultimate goal is the NFL, which seems achievable with his dedication to his game, the amount of work he puts in to be the best and his drive to succeed





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