Dexter Dunlop is a traditional running back whose versatility allows him to be an agile player, but also be a player who enjoys giving out hits.  Dunlop excels in high pressure situations and his overall athleticism sees him consistently ranking in the top 3 of club and league combines.  While Dunlop has plenty of strengths, he understands that he still has a long road ahead in his football career.  One improvement he is looking to make comes from his discipline as he understands that there is never an easy path to get where you want to be.  Football is a cutthroat sport and when you take shortcuts you put yourself in a difficult position long-term.  Always working to improve his fitness and skills, Dunlop has a daily schedule he has set which includes many days of football practice along with active rest to keep himself moving.  This work continued throughout the pandemic with help from his running back coach Ethan Rocha.  Rocha is an inspiration to Dunlop and seeing him work out everyday pushed Dexter to be the best he can be during a time where many had a hard time finding ways to be active.  You can see through this work that Dunlop puts in that he is driven to be the best player he can be.  But although he trains everyday, his days are incredibly structured so he can compete at a high level when he must but knows when it is time to relax.  Dunlop has many achievements to be proud of which includes an MVP in 2018’s championship game and he also made Team Canada East in 2020 as running back.  Unfortunately, the events did have to be shut down due to Covid-19.  Looking forward to the future, he wants to help his team go undefeated in the upcoming season and play in the Elite Ontario Spring League afterwards.  He is willing to put in the work to go as far as he can in the sport, and he has already faced adversity head on to get to the next level.  Dunlop tore his MCL in the spring and while it was a depressing situation with football coming back, he worked as hard as he could to stay in shape during recovery.  While some days were frustrating, he began training again after six weeks after working with a physiotherapist and is now looking to come back better than ever.  Football is Dunlop’s life and his teammates feel like they are a part of his extended family.  This sport brings him nothing but joy and his passion for the game will take him a long way.

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