Olin Terry III

SED Wolverines


87 LBS


Written by: Mackenzie Meaney

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Olin “Tre” Terry III is one of the nations most accomplished players at his age.

Only eight years old, the young running back is ranked number three in the nation for his position by RNR. He is speedy and is able to read the defense quickly to see openings that he can pass through and dodge tackles. Working on speed and agility is something Terry III works on regularly with a coach and his brother. 

For only starting to play football at age six, that alone is pretty impressive. 

However, Tre has more to offer. In addition to being ranked third in the nation, Terry III was also the runner up to the Junior Heisman award twice. He has been voted player of the year for his team and MVP at multiple combines throughout the summer. 

Terry III is also multidimensional. He has many accolades as a running back, but the young star also plays safety. His favorite part about the defensive position is using the speed he has to chase down opponents and going for the tackle. 

Some of Terry III's favorite things about football is creating a brotherhood with his teammates and other players that he meets. He loves competing, but he loves making friends too and connecting with people who share the same passion that he does. He is motivated by his younger brothers; whom he wants to set a good example for and show them that anything is possible if you work hard. 

Terry III is also very accomplished in the classroom. He is a straight A student and won an award for having the highest average in his grade. He is in the National Elementary Honor Society and in the Gifted and Talented Program and hopes to be a paleontologist when he is older.

Terry III’s future is bright and full of opportunities. He would like to go to Ohio State to play football, a goal that seems very achievable when you look at his skill, mentality and drive.





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