Tayden Wilson

Offensive Position: Tailback

Defensive Position: Lineman

Height: 5'0"

Weight: 157lbs



Written by: Tyler Reis-Sanford

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If one was to look on the field during one of Tayden Wilson’s football games, they would almost always see number 42 there, either making a big play or leading his teammates as a captain on the field. At 5 feet tall and 157 pounds, Tayden wears number 42 as a family tradition, a number passed down by his great great grandfather. Tayden makes high impact plays from a variety of positions, on offense he brings his physical style of play to both the tailback and offensive line positions, punishing smaller defenders and imposing his will on the field. On defense, Tayden is just as versatile, willing to put his hand in the dirt and dig in the trenches on the defensive line, or bring his overall skill and game sense back to the second level at the linebacker position. Not enough to just be playing 2 sides of the ball, Tayden is also a high impact special teams player, running up and down the field all game and leaving it all on the field.

Tayden is a leader on the field, but he excels in the classroom as well. As an Honor Roll student Tayden is a young star who’s actions on and off the field carry the tradition of the number 42, and bring pride to those who wore it before him.



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