45th Boys Junior PGA Championship Recap


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45th Boys Junior PGA Championship

Lexington, Kentucky

Kearney Hill Golf Links

July 12th – 15th

Round 1


The first round of the 45th Boys Junior PGA Championship was action packed. With over 140 entrants, only one will finish the tournament as the junior champion. Leading the pack through the first round is Nick Dunlap who shot a 64, giving a score of -7, through the first 18 holes. Nick is 17 years old originating from Alabama, chasing his dreams to one day get a tour card. Nick finished his day with eight birdies, one bogey and nine pars. Consistency is key to win a tournament like this so let’s see if Nick can continue his stellar play and hold the lead throughout the next three rounds. 


Coming in second place is Kentucky native Matthew Troutman with a score of -6 through the first round. Matthew had zero bogeys, six birdies and 12 pars to give him this score. He will look to take over the top spot tomorrow afternoon. 


In third place we have a four-way tie between Wells Williams, Jonathon Griz, Ben James, and Kevin O’Raegan. Wells Williams was carried by his two eagles on holes seven and 13 to a -4 score in the first round. O’Raegan had a more standard round with five birdies, one bogey and 12 pars. Ben James also had the same stat line of five birdies, one bogey and 12 pars. Jonathon Griz finished his round with six birdies, two bogeys and ten pars. 


Rounding out the rest of the top ten is a six-way tie for seventh place with a score of -3. These golfers are Jacob Modleski, Luke Clanton, Ian Bruchhauser, William Sides, William Jennings and Felipe Odio. 


Tomorrow’s first tee time is 7:20 AM Central Time, 8:20 AM Eastern. In round two we will see new pin positions for each hole, testing the grit of these young golfers. With over 140 golfers participating in this tournament, we will have plenty of room for great upsets and comebacks throughout the week. 


Round 2


In Round 2 of the Junior PGA championship, we saw lots of movement across the scoreboard and the Round 1 leader be dethroned. 


Six golfers scored a 66, which was the lowest of all Round 2 scores. One of these six golfers is Ben James, who climbed from a three-way tie of third to sole possession of first place after Round 2. Ben had an extremely impressive second round, having zero bogeys, five birdies and thirteen pars. 


We saw lots of golfers take impressive strides in the rankings. John Wild and Cayden Pope both moved up 23 spots into a share of eighth place. Both Wild and Pope had some pretty looking scorecards. Pope was inconsistent in his quest to 66, but still shined with an eagle, five pars, two bogeys and ten pars. 


Wild was more consistent in his quest to 66, posting six birdies, one bogey and 11 pars. With scouts from Clemson, Alabama and more in the audience, these are the type of scores you need to reach to catch their eyes.  


Matthew Troutman, who we saw have an impressive first round, fell six spots after posting a 72 in Round 2. Troutman had three bogeys, two birdies and thirteen pars. He still has a eighth place and is a solid Round 3 away from getting back to where he was. 


Nick Dunlap, who held first place after Round 1, posted a solid Round 2 scorecard, but it wasn’t enough to hold first place. Dunlap had three bogeys, four birdies and eleven pars, scoring a -1 to bring his total to -8. 


Keep an eye out for William Jennings, who scored a 67 to get sole possession of third place. Scoring five birdies, one bogey and twelve pars. Coming with a total of -7 through two. 


Some other golfers trending upwards are Caleb Surratt, Max Herendeen, Topher Reed and Eric Lee, who share possession of fourth place. With an impressive third round, any of these golfers can take first place. 


We saw a 2 hours and 45 minutes rain delay during Round 2, pushing lots of golfer’s tee times back. This forced Round 2 to stretch into the morning of July 14th. Tomorrow’s action returns at 7:45 AM Central, 8:45 AM Eastern. The full live leaderboard, with round-by-round results, can be found below.     


Round 3


Round 3 was a jam-packed day of golf. After the rain delay in Round 2, many golfers were forced to finish their second round before almost immediately starting Round 3. With clear skies we luckily got to see both Rounds 2 and 3 finish before the sun set. 


The biggest storyline of Round 3 was Caleb Surratt, who tied the lowest third round score in Junior PGA Championship history. Surratt scored an extremely impressive 62, giving him a -9 for Round 3. Surratt had nine pars and nine birdies, with six of the birdies coming on the back nine. His scorecard looks as good as you can get. This brought Surratt’s total to -15, giving him a three-stroke lead heading into Round 4. Its Surratt’s tournament to lose. 


Ben Nick Dunlap bounced back after a mediocre Round 2, posting a 67, bringing his total to   -12 after Round 3. Dunlap posted five birdies, one bogey and twelve pars in his road to a -4 round score. He remains in sole possession of second place and is in the best position to dethrone Surratt.


Golfer Bryan Lee has been improving round by round, climbing all the way from 18th place to a share of 3rd place. Lee shot an impressive 65 to move up to this position. Both Lee and Ben James have totals of -11, 4 strokes out of first place. Lee shot a high eight birdies, two bogeys and eight pars.


Sharing 5th place are golfers Eric Lee and Topher Reed, who both fell one spot on the leaderboards after Round 3. Both golfers scored a 67 to bring their totals to -10, five strokes out of first place. Coincidentally, both golfers posted six birdies, two bogeys and ten pars.


With a three-way tie for 7th place between Cayden Pope, Matthew Troutman and William Jennings, we have a lot of golfers with a chance to make a comeback in the final round. We will see tomorrow who is crowned the 45th Junior PGA Champion. Tomorrow’s action returns at 7:45 AM Central, 8:45 AM Eastern. The full live leaderboard, with round-by-round results, can be found below.   


Round 4


The 4th and Final round of the 45th Junior PGA Championship has completed. Congratulations to Caleb Surratt for winning the trophy! Surratt, went into Round 4 with a massive lead and did exactly what he needed to stay on top. Surratt posted a -1 in his final round to help secure this victory. This round came with four birdies, three bogeys and eleven pars. This brought Surratt’s total to -16 through the tourney, winning the chip easily by 3 strokes. 


The fourth round proved to be the most challenging with very few golfers putting up extremely low scores like in the last few rounds. The lowest score we saw was 65, posted by three separate golfers who all climbed greatly in the rankings because of it. Ethan Gao, Javier Delgadillo and Ryan Pamer all reached scores of 65. One of the most interesting scorecards of the day was by Delgadillo, who impressed scouts and peers with his bogey free round. Delgadillo had six birdies and twelve pars, playing extremely consistently consistent throughout. 


The tournament had a lot of ups and downs, lead changes and more. Round 4 tested these golfers’ abilities to clutch up when needed. Many golfers made a name for themselves this week, showcasing their abilities to dozens of college scouts. Next stop is the PGA Girls Junior Championship on July 27th-30th at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky. Results for Round 4 and the entire PGA Junior Boys Championship can be found here. Once again, congrats to Caleb Surratt for an extremely impressive championship victory. 


The full  leaderboard, with round-by-round results, can be found here https://www.golfgenius.com/pages/7267822521288767780 .


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