Dandre Allers



Written by: Steven Mobilio

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At an incredibly young age, Dandre Allers has already received state colours in four straight seasons.  Receiving many invitations to international events, Dandre’s has played in plenty of countries like Australia, Brazil, Hawaii, and Ireland.  With an aggressive playstyle, he will do whatever it takes to get his ball in the best position and take more strokes off his game.  The ability to hit a long ball off the tee helps in most situations and has served him well thus far in his career.  A sound short game especially in the bunkers allows him to make good recoveries due to his patience and concentration, putting himself in a good position to succeed.  Getting lessons twice a week, Dandre will play on the course at least once a week, while also playing rugby to keep his fitness and mobility up.  In order to keep up with his improvement and growth, Dandre is constantly updating his own goals but is also taking every opportunity he can to keep in shape.  This includes cycling and playing with friends to keep him grounded.  When he is training, Dandre has one event in mind that he can add to his resume of accomplishments.  The US Kids World Championships in Pinehurst.  This is the next step for Dandre and he will look to continue excelling in the sport.  We look forward to seeing Dandre’s progression and his journey towards the US Kids World Championship.

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