Disney Summer Junior Open


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Disney Summer Junior Open

Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Walt Disney World Palms

July 24th – 25th


Over this past weekend one of the biggest junior golf tournaments in Florida took place just outside of Orlando. Hosted at Walt Disney World Palms, we saw six different divisions of golfers go head-to-head. The divisions included are “Boys 16-18”, “Boys 14-15”, “Boys 11-13”, “Girls 14-18”, “Girls Under 13”, and “Boys Under 10”. This tournament was two rounds of golf over the course of two days. We saw lots of young golfers showcase their skillset in this tourney.


Leading the pack in the Girls Under 13 division is golfer Ruicen Liu based out of Richmond, Texas. Over the two rounds Liu shot +15, winning the tournament by over six strokes. Second and third place are held by Colomba Vassallo Tuset and Sofia Blanco respectively. Tuset and Blanco put up scores of +21 and +22.


In the Girls 14-18 division, it was Andrea Diaz Diaz’s tournament to lose. Diaz took a strong lead early in the first round and held it the entire tournament to take home the trophy. Diaz had a total score of +3 through both rounds and won her division by over four strokes. Diaz was born in Municipio Emiliano Zapata, Mexico. Runner ups included Valeria Lizcano and Sofia Martinez. These golfers had scores of +7 and +8.


The winner of the boys Under 10 tournament was Reed Winker from Shreveport, Louisiana. Runners up were Avery Li and Inigo Lecumberri Gurria. Winker and Li shredded the competition, beating the third highest score by ten and twelve strokes respectively. Winker shot a total of +27 through two rounds, meanwhile Li shot a total of +29 through two.


Boys 11-13 competition saw similar results to the previous three divisions written about. The top golfer, Nicklaus Downing won by three strokes and was the only golfer in his division to be negative after both rounds. Downing posted a score of -1 through both rounds. Downing is a local to Florida coming from Windermere, Florida. Runner ups were Santiago Navarro and Joseph Bueme Jr. These two golfers posted +2 and +3 on the weekend at Disney.


The Boys 14-15 winner also follows the trend of the rest of the divisions. Davis Downing, also from Windermere, Florida, won his division by three strokes. He posted a total of 151 through both rounds giving him a +7 on the tourney. Runners up were Grant Gosilin with a two-way tie for third place between Jacob Immelman and Darrell Santiago. Both Immelman and Santiago scored +11 on the tourney, while Gosilin scored a +10.


The outlier of all the divisions is the Boys 16-18 group. We saw a very tight race and lots of lead changes throughout the two days. BK Kim, who is also from Windermere, Florida, won first place by just one stroke. He scored a total of +1 on the tournament. Kim just edged out Masen McKain, who had a total of +2 on the weekend. Both golfers held leads at one point throughout the weekend. Rodrigo Carranza came in third with a total of +4 over the weekend.


Congratulations to BK Kim, Davis Downing, Nicklaus Downing, Andrea Diaz Diaz, Ruicen Liu, and Reed Winker for all taking home trophies!



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