Asher Katz


Height: 5'3"

Ridgefield, CT

Anticipated HS Graduation: 2028

Written by: Trey Cochran

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Averaging 28 putts over 43 events played and 1.9 strokes gained putting in 2020 resulted in 10 tournament wins for Asher this past season. Asher mimics his strengths off of his favorite golfer, Tiger Woods, by priding himself on his course management and mental game.


A full time student at Ethan Allen Preparatory at the Golf Performance Center in CT, Asher has a full year ahead of him slated with competition at home and abroad. Having already qualified for the 2021 Callaway World Championship, Odyssey Junior Championship, Doral Publix Jr, and Champion of Champions World Championships in Ireland, it is sure to be another exciting season for Asher on tour. 


His 2021 season goals include focusing on improved strength, speed training and use of ground forces, iron accuracy, and shot shaping.


Top Results:

Won 10 events in 2020 including:

Champion HJGT CT Summer Open

Champion HJGT Mid Atlantic Open

Champion HJGT Trump Westchester Open

Champion CT PGA Lyme Junior Open

Champion CT PGA Sharon Junior Open

Champion/Boys 10 Player of the Year, US Kids New York Tour

Finished top 5 in 23 Events in 2020

5th Place Doral Publix Junior Championship

4th Place World Stars of Junior Golf Championship

5th Place US Kids Seaview Regional Tournament

5th Place US Gately Cup

5th Place Metropolitan PGA Philip Rotella Memorial Championship


Skills/Strengths as a Golfer:


Mental Game


Favorite Course You’ve Played At: Great Horse Golf Club in MA


Favorite PGA Golfer: Tiger Woods


Goals for 2021 Season: Focus on improved strength, speed training and use of ground forces, iron accuracy, and shot shaping.

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