Austin Anderson

Age: 10

Height: 5'0"

Gunter, TX

Written by: Devon DeCoste

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A rising star out of Gunter Texas, Austin Anderson has put together a collection of top finishes each of the past four years at the US Kid World Championship. Austin’s consistency has positioned himself to be in contention at every tournament he enters.


Austin first came on the scene at six years of age, showing his true talents for the game while posting a 3rd place finish at the US Kids World Championship. He followed this up with two consecutive top 10 finishes and a 16th overall this past year. Austin continues to develop his winning mentality and on course swagger by mimicking and admiring the play of PGA professional Jordan Spieth.  


Not only has Austin shown an impressive level composure at the age of 10, but he has been able to do so while playing the likes of some of America’s top courses, including Austin’s personal favourite, Pinhurst #2.  Playing some of the most difficult courses across the country, at the highest level, is nothing short of spectacular. Austin knows that in order to do this he must focus on his course management during rounds.  


Setting goals and achieving them is how a player knows he is improving his game, which is what Austin has done entering this year. His goal for this upcoming season is to finish top 5 at Worlds.


Top Results:

Us Kids World Championship (2017-2020) 

- 6 years old 3rd place,

- 7 years old 7th Place

- 8 years old 5th Place

- 9 years old 16th place


Skills/Strengths as  a Golfer: 


Course Management


Favorite Course: Pinehurst #2


Favorite PGA Golfer: Jordan Spieth


Goals for 2021 Season: Top 5 finish in Worlds

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