Bentley Armstrong



Maysville, Oklahoma

Written by: Steven Mobilio

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At only 7-years-old and in the first grade, Bentley Armstrong has already shown a strong affinity for the game of golf at such a young age.  From Maysville, Oklahoma, the first time Bentley touched a golf club was at the age of 5, and in a short time has accomplished more in the game of golf than the average adult.  In his very first tournament, he shot an 86 and in less than 4 months that 86 moved into the low 40’s and 6 months later qualified for the US Kids World Championship.  He finished 43rd in the world and finished in the runner-up position in the OKC tour this past year and top five in the entire state of Oklahoma.  He has qualified for every tournament he has attempted to qualify for throughout the US Kids tour and has played in almost 40 tournaments in less than 2 years. 


This season he has won 3 tournaments, with an early career-defining moment, his first hole in one.  With plenty of time remaining in the season, there will be plenty of opportunities to continue winning trophies and improve on his already excellent game.  Bentley is looking forward to participating in the World Championship once again this year and many other tournaments he will be participating in this season to show off his growth.  Bentley’s greatest strength is his short game, as he is still growing he will be able to hit the ball with more power as he ages.  While lacking distance off the tee, he takes advantage of this short game with outstanding chipping and putting.  He is coached by Bobby Taylor and they both work hard every single day on Bentley’s game to help him achieve his future goals which include placing top 10 in the world, playing golf at The University of Oklahoma, and playing in the PGA.  Bentley has a long career ahead of him and if he continues to work and improve at this rate, he will certainly be an individual to pay attention to as the years go by.

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