Cutler Mitchell



Written by: Steven Mobilio

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Training in the game of golf since the age of 3 and beginning play in tournaments in June 2019 at the age of 5, Cutler Mitchell has been improving his golf skills rapidly for three years now.  Since June 2019, Cutler has competed in countless local tournaments, 5 regional tournaments, the FL State Invitational and 2020 World Championship.  This includes multiple championship wins in the 2020 U.S. Kids Golf Orlando Summer and Winter Tour, along with the 2020 U.S. Kids Golf Space Coast Fall Tour Championship. 


Currently playing in the Boys 7 division for U.S. Kids Golf, Cutler has been thriving as of late and has been finishing in the top five of plenty of acclaimed tournaments in the world of golf.  At such a young age, Cutler has exhibited a driving power that few can match up to, putting in him in a great position to succeed as his form is also quite strong.  Being so young in golf also comes with a level issues that Cutler will more than certainly grow out of.  Cutler can let the mental aspect of the game get to him but at 7 years old this is unsurprising, as many people older and more mature than Cutler also struggle with the same issues.  He is learning that one shot or small mistake should not define his tournament and move towards always focusing on the next shot.  This mindset has helped Cutler focus on his own game for the better.  This focus on not letting bogeys get to him will allow Cutler to focus on the finer mechanics of his game.  He works on his mental game with his coach and now that he has become a more avid reader, Cutler has been reading golf rule books and motivational books to improve his mental game. 


In his free time, Cutler plays football, helps his younger brother practice baseball, and spends time with youngest brother.  He also really enjoys swimming whether it is in the pool or at the beach, it keeps him in shape and is a great way for Cutler to have fun and unwind.  With a 4th place finish at the World Championship in his division, Cutler’s current goal is to win the championship and if there is one course he really wants to play on, its Pinehurst 2.  Cutler could accomplish two goals at once, and potentially win the world championship on the course he is eagerly awaiting to play on. 


Looking into his future, Cutler wants to take his skills to the professional level, and with his current abilities and results in his age group, these goals are far from unrealistic.  As he improves his mental game, Cutler will become stronger and will have finer form as he grows.  Look for Cutler at Orlando events, along with many other regional and international tournaments in the near future, as he is always a threat to win the entire tournament.

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