Jai Ranganathan

Age: 8

Height: 4'6"

Hometown: Danville, California 

Anticipated HS Graduation: 2032

Written by: Trey Cochran

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Jai has had a golf club in his hand since he was 1 year old. He began playing competitive golf at age 5, shooting a +1 37 in his second ever tournament.


Since then, he has collected 28 US Kids Golf wins, 6 Bay Area Local Tour Season Championships, he's a 2-time Northern California State Invitational Runner-up, won the ACE Kids Golf Oakland Junior Championship in 2021, and most recently in November of 2021, he won the Boys 7 US Kids Golf Monterey Challenge Regional Tournament in a field of the most talented 7 year olds in the country.


He's coached by 2021 PGA Championship participant Brad Marek out of Corica Park Golf Course in Alameda, CA, and plans to play in the 2022 US Kids Golf World Championship at Pinehurst next August.  


Skills/Strengths as a Golfer:  Jai's biggest strength as a golfer is his positive attitude and even-keel, calm demeanor during his rounds. He doesn't dwell on bad shots or mishits, he doesn't celebrate the good ones for long, and is able to compartmentalize the previous shot and move onto the next as good as any junior golfer out there. He plays by the mantra "you can always recover," and it's resulted in some strong finishes after some tough starts. He's mature beyond his years on the golf course and it'll undoubtedly serve him well in future competition. Beyond that, his iron play is his strongest golf skill. He likes to play his mid and short irons high which allows him to land the ball softly onto the green, resulting in strong greens-in-regulation percentages and more birdie opportunities.


Favorite Course You’ve Played At: Laguna Seca Golf Ranch


Goals for 2021 Season: Jai would like to work on his short game - specifically his pitches and chips from 30 yards and in, to give himself opportunities for lower scores. He would also like to become more proficient with shot-shaping; hitting draws and fades more consistently, and with greater accuracy. Bigger picture, he would like to continue improving and having fun on his golf journey, and plans to compete in the 2022 IMG Junior World Championship in San Diego as well as the 2022 US Kids Golf World Championship at Pinehurst against some of the most talented junior golfers in the world.

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