Macklin Mucha



Written by: Steven Mobilio

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At six years old, Macklin Mucha has already won over 30 golf tournaments and has won the U6 US Kids Oregon State Championship previously.  This also includes a Washington State Championship and a 14th place result at the US Kids World Championship.  Macklin’s love of golf started when he was only three years old when his father took him to the driving range for the first time.  He relished the experience, and it became a great way for them to bond and spend time together.  As he learned to play, Macklin picked up chipping and putting quite effectively and they have now become the strongest parts of his game.  Even when his driving is underperforming he can make up for it through his short game.  As Macklin continues to work on his power off the tee, his overall game will grow overall as a better drive will allow him to take advantage of his strong short game.  Strength exercises have allowed Macklin to get more speed in his tee off swing and his passion for the game drives him to improve anywhere he can.  In the future Macklin wants to play college golf and continue enjoying the career he has built for himself at such a young age.  Eventually he hopes to turn from college golf to the professional level and with a drive for success like Macklin’s, we look forward to seeing where his career takes him.

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