Madelyn Cheng




Written by: Steven Mobilio

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Beginning her golf career at the young age of 5, Madelyn Cheng has developed a strong swing technique along with competing in the US Kids Golf Local Tour one year later at age 6.  Already a local tournament winner and a top 5 finisher in several regional tournaments, by 8-years-old Madelyn has already played in plenty of tournaments across the nation and has found consistent success.  Transitioning into multiple tours as her junior golf career progressed, she is currently competing in the Girls 11-12 bracket and continues to train and develop herself further.  Madelyn’s passion for the game is where her drive for improving in golf comes from.  This passion is also fueled by the camaraderie and the friendships formed throughout her few years in the sport.  With limited availability during the pandemic, Madelyn appreciated every opportunity she had to see her friends again and compete with them to help her own game grow.  Although she is still young, Madelyn does everything she can to keep a positive attitude on and off the course allowing her to better prepare for practices and be confident in tournament play.  This mindset has helped her understand that giving it your all every day will allow you to have more chances at success and allow you to always enjoy what you do knowing you gave your best effort.  For the upcoming season, Madelyn hopes to achieve top finishes at the IMG Junior World Championship and the FCG Callaway World Championship.  Madelyn has a long career ahead of her, and we look forward to seeing her grow day-by-day and reach her true potential in golf.

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