Sadie Lee

Age: 11


63 lbs

Weston, CT

Written by: Steven Mobilio

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An athlete like Sadie Lee is truly something to behold.  At such a young age, she has excelled in every sport she has picked up and has always been determined to be the best she can be in the sport.  With her main sport of focus being golf, she also puts her mind to other competitions like ice hockey, lacrosse, track and field, and volleyball.  This mix of sports puts Sadie in a league of her own at her age, as she is always seeking out new ways to challenge herself and excel at any sport she enjoys.  She also exudes confidence, as she believes her progress in hockey will land her a “full ride” scholarship and has future aspirations of becoming a pro golfer. 


Lee’s involvement in a multitude of sports helps her fulfill her drive to be the best as each sport has aspects that will help her in any sport she chooses to specialize in.  Each sport she takes part in focuses on generating power through the hips and having great balance, while golf is more of a mental game that helps her remain calm throughout other sports.  Sadie will still have a few years to decide on her specialization, but her current favorites are golf and lacrosse.  Golf comes naturally to her and she enjoys being apart of a team and lacrosse has given her the opportunity to be in that type of environment.


While it sounds difficult to balance all these sports, Sadie has divided them into seasons so she knows she can keep herself scheduled.  She splits her schedule based on the season, and her parents will help her with this schedule to help her be the best she can be.  Because of this focus on seasons, there is little to no conflicts in her schedule as she knows what her priorities are.


Sadie recently picked up Ice Hockey this past year and start with the basics like learning to skate.  Unsurprisingly, by the third week she started to improve at a rapid rate as she began to understand the methods to build speed and increase agility.  While Sadie still looks to improve on the game in its entirety, she has come a long way in only three months and hopes to make a specialization as she wants to play at the college level.


While using her pass time to bond with her brother and sister, she also draws graphic novels.  She also uses this time to train and is looking to pick up roller blading to improve on her hockey skills.  To train for upcoming golf tournaments, Sadie has conditioned herself to play in hot humid weather and when it rains so she can always be prepared for any conditions.  Before a tournament, Sadie will take 3 weeks to train off the women’s tees to practice her skills.


Participating in tournaments like the US Kids World Championship (and playing well), Sadie clearly has a level of talent that few athletes her age can boast about.  As she decides on her specializations, Sadie has prepared herself to be a premier athlete in which ever sport she chooses due to her strong work ethic, and rapid learning abilities.  She is a key athlete to keep an eye on in the future.


Top Finishes/Tournament Results

33rd 2020 US Kids World Championship with 81/85/82
6th place 2020 US Kids Seaview Open 93/91
8th place 2019 US Kids PGA Golf Club Invitational 101/94 (first regional event & playing 18 holes)
Top 5 2019 US Kids Local Tour Finisher (9 hole series)
Top 3 2019 Metropolitan PGA Junior Finisher (9 hole series)



Short game in particular anything around and on the green: Avg. putt per hole is 1.75

Incredibly strong mental game

Supportive of other girl golfers - always celebrating others accomplishments vs. only focusing on self accomplishments


Favorite Course Played



Goals for Upcoming Season

Top 5 finisher for the Summer US Kids Local Tour

Top 3 finisher for the Connecticut PGA Tour

Top 5 finisher for 1 or 2 US Kids Regional Tournaments


Anticipated High School Graduation


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