Sydney Hewitt

Age: 17

Height: 5’3’

Weight: 100 LBS

Written by: David Vitone

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In sports, everyone loves a good comeback story, as it has a pedestal to show greatness and success. High School Golfer Sydney Hewitt has defeated all the odds and the doubters who said she wouldn’t be able to hit a golf ball today. The 17-year-old was in a daunting coma for two months as she wasn’t given a survival rate. While her lungs have never fully recovered, she is crushing it on the golf course as she proves her doctors wrong.


Hewitt hasn’t been shy on the course, as she is winning in all aspects of the sport. She shot a 98 on 18 holes which won her high school a golf championship, an amazing feat for someone who was heavily doubted. She has also shown that she can compete with anyone in a tournament. Her competitiveness and determination have earned her second place three times in men league tournaments.


She loves to emulate her game off of Canadian pro golfer Brooke Henderson as her ability to use her irons on the fairway to attack the pin is a work of art. Even more so, when Hewitt competes in men’s tournaments, people call her Brooke as her favorite club in the bag is the five iron, where she gets total control of the ball to hit the green and put herself in a great position to walk away with one putt. Hewitt also puts in the hard work as she hits the driving range consistently to improve all aspects of her game.


She encountered a fantastic and unforgettable experience when she received golf lessons from the former PGA Tour Pro Dave Findlay. Hewitt was amazed at how many mechanics Findlay corrected, as golf is a sport of perfection. After her lesson, she was able to teach her family and friends how to golf as she got some pro tips she’ll never forget. A golf swing can always be perfected, as Hewitt is open to learning new techniques every day to master the mechanics to succeed.


Golf is a great way to bond. Whether it’s with a business partner or with your family, it’s always an alternative to happiness. Hewitt’s favorite part about golf is playing with her dad, as they can
discuss so many things and have that father-daughter bond where they connect on the course. Her favorite course is River Valley, as she frequently plays there and has made so many connections with the staff.


Hewitt isn’t just a golfer; she extends her athleticism to playing golf and baseball. Her baseball team is currently ranked 8th place for the division in all of Ontario. She continues to prove her
determination to succeed.


While it’s very hard to play at the collegiate level, Hewitt is still looking for places to showcase her skills. Based on her past experiences, it wouldn’t be smart to count her out as she continues
to prove the doubters wrong.

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