Andrew Lanni




Vaughan Kings 


Written by: David Ciss

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If you're looking  for a strong, calm, two-defenseman, then look no further then Andrew Lanni. The Vaughan Kings defenseman is always a noticeable player on the ice. He tries to model his game after Boston Bruins blue-liner Charlie McAvoy and it shows. His play with the puck on his stick is quite noticeable. He is a strong and confident elusive skater and does need to have the flashiest hands to get around opposing players. Lanni has a powerful stride that allows him to get past players quickly and without being knocked off of the puck. Lanni is reliable in his own zone however he can also join the rush quite effectively. He does a great job creating offensive chances by exiting the defensive zone and entering the offensive zone with the puck on his stick. 


Andrew Lanni exudes confidence at both ends of the ice. He does not make unnecessary moves under pressure and plays a calm style. His demeanor on the ice makes him a tough player to read. Although others have a hard time reading the 16-year old defenseman, he does a great job reading his opponents and anticipating their plays. He is not afraid to use his body to block shots or engage in battles for the puck and he is rarely pushed off of the puck. 


His offensive game stems from his zone entries. He likes to carry the puck to the offensive zone himself and draw defenders towards him before getting the puck to an open teammate. When you're looking for offence late in the game Lanni is someone you want on the ice. He may not score those big goals late in the game or even set them up for that matter but he is always involved in the play right from the start with his zone entries.





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