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Rockland Nationals


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A highly touted prospect, the versatile forward Dylan McDougall has a high upside and a strong ability to put the puck in the net. McDougall is a terrific all-around player, possessing all the tools to be top talent. McDougall is a fantastic offensive player, dangerous each time he gets the puck on the end of his stick. McDougall is a threat to score every time he enters the offensive zone, but has great vision and can set up his linemates for easy scoring chances as well. McDougall is a formidable opponent for any team as his strong stature and playstyle make him incredibly hard to stop as he easily breaks through contact as well as no problems dishing out hits himself in the defensive end. McDougall is most effective when he combines these attributes in the form of playing in front of the net. McDougall is incredibly hard to move and can take up a large amount of space causing issues for goaltenders when trying to find the puck. McDougall's long stick also allows him to alter the trajectory of the puck from all angles or bat the puck down and generate a shot of his own. While McDougall is a strong player, he does have his shortcomings. McDougall's greatest weakness currently is his skating ability. McDougall has a plethora of talents that can make him a top prospect going forward but without the skating ability to go alongside them, he can not be nearly as effective. If McDougall can improve his skating skills and become a more mobile player, he will be one of the hardest players to stop wherever his career takes him. McDougall's overall potential is sky-high and could lead to him breaking through as an unexpected star in the years to come. With increased dedication and determination, McDougall could prove doubters wrong and cement himself as an elite player at the next level.





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