Ethan Albert




Rockland Nationals


Written by: Matt Eichhorn

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A reliable force on the defensive end, Ethan Albert is the picture perfect stay at home defenceman. Albert plays a no nonsense style game, making proper reads with the puck but more importantly, never allowing any opposing players to enter his zone. Albert uses his elite size and strength to lay the boom on any player unfortunate enough to cross his path. Alberts game is simple and conservative, never being caught trying to do too much with the puck or attempting to make plays outside of his wheelhouse. A goalies dream, Albert fights off any players attempting to play in front of the net, easily bodying players away from the crease. While Albert is a force to be reckoned with defensively, offensively he is an effective player as well. Albert makes stellar passes, able to move the puck well in transition as well as moving it tape-to-tape in the offensive zone. Albert is sneaky good when it comes to his stick skills, not something that jumps out to most who watch his game. Albert walks the line well in the offensive zone and handles the puck beautifully as well. Albert has a fantastic mind for the game and rarely makes mistakes, always playing smart with the puck. Albert is not afraid to make the gritty plays in order to guarantee his team the win, able to win battles for the puck and make unselfish decisions to put his team in a position to win. With poise and intelligence to go alongside a hulking frame, Ethan Alberts ceiling is phenomenally high. With his natural athleticism mixed with one of the best minds and attitudes in his cohort, Ethan Albert could be a surprise star in the making as his career continues and he asserts himself as a dominant player at the next level.





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