Fionn Keon




York Simcoe Express


Written by: Matt Eichhorn

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While he may not be the biggest player on the ice, Fionn Keon makes his presence known early and often when his number is called. While not the most imposing player at first glance, Keon punches above his weight class and never backs down to his opponents. A sneaky strong player, Keon muscles his way past defenders and makes high impact plays consistently. Keon is easily one of the most dominant goal scorers in the 05’ class, able to put the puck in the net a multitude of ways. If Keon's strength and skill did not make him scary enough on the offensive end, Keon also comes equipped with blazing fast speed. Keon is able to turn on the burners and never look back, with elite skating ability Keon can be gone in an instant. Keon's explosive athletic ability makes it near impossible for defenders to keep up, often leading to breakaway opportunities and high danger scoring chances for his team. Keon's fantastic athletic ability is a big reason for his success but his puck skills are at a high level as well. Keon has a pro release, able to get shots off quickly and in stride. Keon's excellent shooting ability is put on display from anywhere on the ice with a rocket wrister that always finds its way to the back of the net. Keon's offensive skills are on another level when compared to the majority of his peers but his game is not perfect. Keon needs to improve on his defensive efforts and skills as his career advances into the junior level. With a more well-rounded game, Keon will grow into a top forward within any league. With Keon's active and explosive game, it is no secret he has the bag of tricks to be a great player at the junior level. If Keon can begin to expand his skillset and continue





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