Jack Dever




Quinte Red Devils 


Written by: Matt Eichhorn

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A goal scorer if there ever was one, Jack Dever is a lethal offensive prospect. Dever captains a strong Quinte Red Devils squad and his elite scoring ability is a huge factor in their success. With a earth shattering shot, Dever is deadly from anywhere within the offensive zone, able to score with ease in a variety of ways. Devers shot is nearly unstoppable at his current level and his skill set development shows no signs of stopping. Devers shooting ability is at a high level and he is able to make use of it so often as a result of his amazing speed on the ice. With great skating ability, Dever is able to push past opponents with and without the puck, placing himself in the perfect position to light the lamp. Dever has great intuition as to finding ways to make big plays on the offensive side of the ice. With his high hockey IQ, Dever is able to find the weak spot in the defense and get a clean scoring opportunity as a result. Along with a great scoring mindset, Devers overall game is growing and still is a dynamic player in other aspects of the game. Dever has a high motor and uses this to chase down loose pucks, as well as fight in the corners or along the boards. Devers physicality is a big part of his game, not shying away from contact no matter the situation. Dever will do whatever it takes to walk away victorious. Dever possesses great maturity at a young age and is a fantastic leader for his peers. Dever truly leads by example and makes the players around him better both on and off the ice. Dever is a complete player and should be an early selection in this year's draft. With a rare offensive game, Jack Dever may be a name the hockey world will get to know well in the upcoming years.





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