Luke McNamara



154 lbs

Bishop Kearney Selects


Written by: David Ciss

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McNamara is one of those offensive players that has the skill to play multiple roles. One of his best attributes is his shot. When the puck is on McNamara’s stick he can get it off before goalies even have a chance to see it. McNamara possesses a quick release and the accuracy necessary to score from tough angles. He sees holes in the net better than most and has the accuracy and release needed to score at tough angles. His shot is deceptive and hard to read making him all the more dangerous in the slot. As adept as he is at scoring goals, McNamara is a great playmaker. He is able to draw in defenders before dishing the puck out to an open teammate in a scoring position. His speed and puck handling make McNamara tough to beat in single man coverage. As a result, defending against McNamara often requires more than just one defender focusing on him which tends to leave an open man ready to receive a pass. 


To get in a scoring position his puck control plays a big factor. While he is more than capable of pulling off flashy moves, it is the ability to make precise, quick moves that don’t always look like much, but leaves defenders helpless to stop him, that are the most effective. He is able to pull off said moves and make decisions at high speeds as if he had planned them before he stepped foot on the ice. 


There are not many weaknesses to Luke McNamara’s game. While there is room for improvement, he does most things very well and looks like it should translate to the next level very well.





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