Darren Wilson

Position: D

Team: Toronto Jr. Canadiens


Written by: David Ciss

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Darren Wilson brings a sturdy defensive presence to the table while also adding offensive upside. Wilson plays a confident game with the puck on his stick at both ends of the ice. In his own zone, the Jr. Canadiens defencemen does a great job at finding teammates in safe areas or getting an offensive chance started by finding an open teammate with a stretch pass. He rarely joins the offensive rush at the risk of leaving his goaltender out to dry. In the defensive zone, Wilson plays a reliable game. The 2-way defenceman has great defensive positioning and does a good job limiting scoring chances. When the puck is on his stick in his own zone, Wilson does a good job protecting and controlling the puck keeping it on his stick before dishing it out to an open teammate. He doesn’t always force passes to get it out of his zone. If he is pressured by one or more attackers, Wilson will not just blindly throw the puck away. He is a strong skater with speed and acceleration and uses that to his advantage to protect the puck. His offensive game is another area where Darren Wilson shines. He does not try to do too much in the offensive zone and rarely makes mistakes. He doesn’t keep the puck on his stick for too long and makes quick decisions to pass or shoot the puck. He is strong on the man-advantage and can be used as a quarterback on the top power play unit.



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