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With his comparable being Erik Karlsson when on defense, Henry Mews is described as being ELITE for the age level. Mews is a player who not only excels on defense, but has played on the forward lines as well and dominated at all of them, making Mews one of a special group of players that can quite literally do it all. Despite being a defenseman, Mews also led the scoring race last season. Mews can utilize his amazing speed to completely dictate and control the pace of a game as it unfolds. Mews is a defenseman that can drive a teams offense from the defensive position, while also playing well in his own zone, using his speed to catch up to or keep up with attacking forwards. As of this current season, Mews has been mainly at the centre role, but only due to COVID-19. When in practice, Mews will practice very specific positional skills, such as faceoffs. Mews is well liked by his teammates, and is described as being a very coachable young man. OHL wise, Mews could easily get his name in there as a top end pick at the 2022 draft, where his fate after is largely his own. Mews could continue to pursue playing forward more, or he could transition back to a full time defender who could hop up to a forward role, Mark Pysyk style, if it is so required. Mews is a player who should be on every scout's lineup as the draft grows closer, because he could fall to them and could be a huge asset for an OHL club moving forward.





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