James Guo



175 lbs

Toronto Jr. Canadiens 


Written by: David Ciss

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James Guo is a mobile offensive defenseman who fits the style of the new age blue-liner. Guo is at his best in the offensive zone. With the puck on his stick, Guo plays a calm and confident game which can be attributed to his offensive success. Guo likes to shoot the puck in order to create scoring chances by getting pucks through traffic. His teammates tend to benefit from his shooting tendencies from the point. The Toronto Jr. Canadiens have scored their fair share of goals off of rebounds or deflections that originated from the stick of James Guo. On the rush, Guo’s wrist-shot can be lethal as it’s got speed, power, and accuracy. 


Aside from his shot, James Guo is a great skater. Quick and mobile, Guo can exit the zone or join the rush seamlessly with his smooth skating abilities. To complement his skating, Guo is a competent puck-handler as well. He can control the puck when being pressured and does a good job at avoiding takeaways. Guo has good vision and hockey IQ. He Is able to quickly identify where the best place to pass the puck is and attempts long stretch passes. 


Sometimes his offensive game is noticeable to the point where you could be forgiven for thinking that he was a forward. At times Guo is used as a “fourth forward” and can even slot in on the face-off circle when called upon.



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