Kyle Jones




Windsor Jr. Spitfires




Written by: Nick Tatler

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An offensive defenseman Kyle Jones recently transitioned from forward to defense Kyle put up a wicked amount of points for a defender and looks to maintain that while becoming a solid player in both ends of the ice. Kyle put up 12G-17A for 29PTS on the back end in his first season as a defender. He has a great shot that is far more accurate then most defenders his age and still very hard. His hands are wonderful which allows him to fake out opponents and get the puck to a teammate. Kyle moves the pucks well with great vision and benefits from playing forward as he knows what to do to help set up his teammates better than most. Kyle loves to hit and is very strong as well. He pinches very hard which costs him sometimes but typically pays off with him coming up with the puck. In his own zone he also hits hard and uses his strength to win 50-50 battles. He gets into shooting and passing lanes often breaking up plays and blocking shots. As Kyle continues to play a better defensive game Kyle looks to be a game changing offensive defender at the next level. 

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