Kyle Morey




Kitchener Jr. Rangers




Written by: Melaina Tucker

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With his dedication and strong work ethic, it does not come as a shock that Kyle Morey has been the captain of his team the last 3 seasons. Morey displays strong leadership qualities and a strong character that is always working to win both on and off the ice. Kyle is a special player that has earned his spot as the team leader. Morey has a strong shot, and his hockey IQ is extremely high. Kyle is a true centreman but has quickly progressed and is also efficient on the wing. Morey is a smart playmaker; he is able to think the game and make plays. Whether on or off the ice, Kyle is always working to better himself and is always finding ways to improve in any way possible. Though at first glance Morey skates with a unique stride, he is very fast and has good edges. Kyle is working to standardize his distinctive stride so that he can swiftly transition to OHL hockey. Morey pushes himself and drives for success, his work ethic is amazing and that, along with his skill should allow him to stay and play at the next level.



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