Lando Currie




Chatham-Kent Cyclones




Written by: Steven Mobilio

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Landon Currie is a hard-working player known for his quick agility and accurate shot.  He works hard on both ends of the ice to ensure he is able to take care of his defensive responsibilities and has been the captain of his team on numerous occasions with his leadership skills.  Landon understands becoming a complete player involves a strong work ethic and dedication to the game, and he wants to continue to grow into becoming a better 200-foot player.  Currently, he is more of an offensively driven player but knows he needs to get better in his own end to have the level of success he hopes to achieve.  As a calmer player, he uses this calmness to really focus on his skill finesse rather than his physicality, but still works hard to attack the puck when it is available for the taking.  Framing his game between a combination of Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, Currie enjoys watching them play together and try to learn how he can combine their styles of play.  Landon enjoys every aspect of hockey whether it’s training to get better, watching the game or collecting collectible cards, his obsession with the sport has driven him to be the absolute best player he can be.  Landon has been focusing on his core and leg strength during the pandemic and has found new and innovative ways to train at home.  He has been rollerblading multiple kilometers with skate weights and shooting hundreds of pucks with more weight attached to increase the difficulty.  Landon made his AAA as a walk-on and this is a moment in Landon’s hockey career he is incredibly proud of, along with his first career AAA hat trick.  As he comes back to the ice, Landon is looking to rise up the ranks and have the chance to play with additional competition, skilled players and open up opportunities that he has not had prior.  He wants to use these challenges to be the best all-around player he can be to ensure that he gives himself the best chance at long-term success.





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