Louvic Courtemanche


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Written by: Steven Mobilio

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At the young age of nine years old, Louvic Courtemanche (more commonly known as Lou) has had a deep passion for the game of hockey since he was two years old, and Lou has not stopped training in the game since then.  One of Lou’s strongest assets is his ability to explode into a strong burst of speed allowing him to have the ability to beat defenders on just his first few steps.  The ability to be explosive on your feet at such a young age makes it difficult for the opposition to contain Lou.  The one part of Lou’s game he is looking to improve is to better his shooting accuracy.  To better his skills, Lou is training everyday on one-timers and quick releases.  Being able to have an accurate shot under pressure is important, and training under the urgency of a quick release should allow Lou to increase his overall shooting accuracy.  Enjoying playing music on his drum set in his spare time, Lou has used this extra time off the ice to train by regularly roller blading, doing off-ice stick handling and Synthetic Ice Power Skating.  When Lou plays, he sees himself as like a player like Patrice Bergeron, a player who can do it all.  Lou tries to model himself this way almost like a “Swiss Army Knife” who can be used in any situation and be effective.  Previously Lou would play quite aggressively and could find himself in penalty trouble but after working with his coaches, he has become much calmer and more collected knowing that his team is much better with him out of the penalty box.  With his biggest accomplishment to date being apart of his AAA elite team the Golden Gouvs, and once he can get back onto the ice in a more competitive fashion, he will work hard to be drafted to an Atom Double A team or an M12 Prep School team.  As Lou continues to improve, we look forward to seeing the impact he makes with his new team and how his path to his current goals plays out.





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