Mason Strano



Halton Hurricanes


Written by: Drake

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Mason Strano, a left shooting forward, is the prototypical power forward. He’s big and he can score and should be scoring more than he actually does. Mason has a bit of a mean streak going, and can play a physical game. He also packs a great shot, however his most impressive skill is his skating. Strano’s skating has been described as elite, and on par with the average OHL player already, and obviously it will only get better. Strano has an outstanding natural ability and can easily carry a team to victory on any given night and can play against the top talents of the SCTA on a regular basis. Strano, like many of his teammates, plays both centre, but also left wing, which can help tremendously when the team wants to stack a line, as Strano can simply be moved around with ease to make a line work. Strano is one of Halton’s assistant captains, and has a natural leading ability, but is very laid back and a bit of a jokester. He is known for keeping the team loose. There are two big things that Strano needs to work on if he is going to progress. Firstly, it’s his consistency. Strano can sometimes pull a bit of a disappearing act, where he’s not really noticeable, however, when he’s hot, he can steal the team a game, and many people will come out just to see how good and how fast he really is. The other is his off ice training, something that will obviously come with age. It’s not unusual for a player as young as Strano to not be extremely invested in working out, however, if and when he starts working out off ice, the skies the limit. Strano could project out as an OHL winger and could quite possibly find himself going in the earlier rounds of the draft and could prove to be a solid acquisition for any OHL club, providing he starts training off ice and corrects his consistency issues.





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