Quinn Gavin-White

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 163 lbs


Written by: David Vitone

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An athlete who displays determination and heart and soul to their sport is a recipe for success. Elliot Lake Red Wings Tier 2 Jr A right-wing Quinn Gavin-White is a name people should keep in mind in the next couple of years. Gavin-White, 16 years old, has been playing hockey for almost his whole life. Since he laced up the skates 13 years ago, he knew hockey was a match made in heaven. He’s now eligible for the u18 draft this year, and it’s just another step in the right direction for the youngster.


Gavin-White may be a gifted player with exceptional talent, but that doesn’t mean he takes days off. He makes sure to put the work in to exceed on the ice and become a better player every single day. Even in the off-season, he trains three to four days a week to improve his leg strength, speed, and endurance. All three traits are required to be a great hockey player, and he knows the more he works on them, the better. He’s been with a personal trainer for two years now, as he wants to improve day in and day out. Even with the global pandemic, he still made sure to stay on top of his game.


With all of the hard work he’s put in, his accomplishments at a young age are quite impressive. A couple of years ago, he made Team Canada while also making it to the World Championship in California, but he couldn’t make it due to a knee injury. His favorite player is Pittsburgh Penguins three-time Stanley Cup winner Sidney Crosby. As he’s widely respected around the league for his rare hockey IQ, where he is sure to make an impact in every game he plays. Gavin-White tries to model his game after players like Jordan Eberle and James van Riemsdyk as their skills consist of great hands and positioning, which sets them up for success.


He’s always motivated, as the doubters fuel his fire to be better every day. He used to be a dominant goal-scorer, but as time has evolved, he wanted to become a complete player rather than just a player who stuffs the stat sheet. One of his many strengths is his quick hands to fool the defender and make a pass to his teammate for a scoring opportunity or hold onto the puck and try to make the goalie miss.


Gavin-White doesn’t just dominate on the ice, but he’s also a great student. Earning honor roll in 9th and 10th grade, as he also strives to earn it this year. A coach wants their player to excel in and out of the classroom, and that’s exactly what Gavin-White does.


Whether the OHL drafts him or if he goes and plays in the NCAA, his name is one to remember, as it wouldn’t be smart to doubt the youngster, knowing that it will only improve his game.





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