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Pembroke Lumber Kings 


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Developing rapidly both in size and skill, Zac Soifer is growing into a solid prospect. Soifer is a high motor goal scorer, able to apply ample amounts of pressure on defences that result in easy scoring chances for himself and his teammates. Soifer has a rocket shot, a hard wrister that can blast past netminders in the blink of an eye. With his tremendous shooting ability Soifer is a threat to score each time he has control of the puck within the offensive zone. Sofier makes his impact felt in other aspects of the game, as his high motor drives him to make hustle plays on the puck as well as do the dirty work that can help his team secure the victory. Soifer never quits on a play, giving his all each and every shift. With this incredible drive Soifer is hard to keep up with for opposing players and can wear down his matchups over the course of a game. Soifer’s work ethic translates off the ice as well as he is fully dedicated to his hockey career and actively works to improve his skill set day in and day out. Moving forward Soifer does have some areas that need to be improved before making the leap to the next level. The most notable area of improvement for Soifer is his overall skating ability. At times Soifer can be caught out of position and can be slow to move in transition. With some hard work put into his skating ability Soifer would become a more dangerous threat on both sides of the puck and could be the factor he needs to make himself stand out among other prospects. As Soifer continues to mature physically he will only become a bigger threat on the ice, if he can remain focused and dedicated to the game, Zac Soifer could become a standout player in the future.





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