Angus Macdonell




Toronto Marlboros 


Written by: David Ciss

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The captain of the Toronto Marlboros is a must watch prospect ahead of the 2021 OHL Priority Selection Draft. Macdonell is loaded with high-end skill and plays a very complete game. There are not many holes in his game overall as he seems to be able to play in whatever role is asked of him by his coach. He plays a strong 2-way game and when he is on the ice, he is one of the best players whether he is on the offensive zone or his own zone. Macdonell is a real leader on the ice. He plays an unselfish game, always making sure that he stays back to help his defense and does not try to do more than he can handle on the ice. Highly-skilled players sometimes try to do too much and might try and make a move or go for the shot when it is best to pass the puck instead but Macdonell is not one of those players. He reads the ice very well and utilizes his teammates and knows how to complement their skills to better the team. 

Macdonell has more than enough skill to take the puck-end-to-end by himself. He’s a fast skater and possesses quick hands and can weave in and out of traffic and come away with the puck on his stick. In the offensive zone, Macdonell likes to play in front of the net. He is a rather aggressive player and is not afraid to get into the guts of the game and oftentimes comes away from battles with the puck on his stick. Macdonell is a strong playmaker who completes his passes with a high degree of accuracy. As effective as he is at setting his teammates up, he is just as good at finishing plays as well. In addition to a great wrist-shot, He has great stick positioning and hand-eye coordination and is able to deflect the puck in front of the net with a high degree of skill. 

Scouts will be hard pressed to find any major cause for concern in Macdonell’s game. He is the type of player who coaches love to have on their roster. A leader on the ice, and a player who can influence the game and spark a fire in his teammates.





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