Declan Bowmaster

Position: RW

Team: Central Ontario Wolves

Height: 5’11

Weight: 155lbs 


Written by: Matt Eichhorn

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Excitement personified, Declan Bowmaster has flash in his back pocket and is not shy to show he possesses it. Bowmaster is an intriguing prospect in the sense that he has junior level skills on the offensive end, while possessing some low-end skills defensively. Bowmaster's puck handling skills are simply ridiculous, able to make defences look silly as he dangles his way past on his way towards the goal. Bowmaster's ability to handle the puck becomes increasingly more dangerous as he is also an amazing skater. With his combination of speed and puck control it becomes virtually impossible for defences to knock the puck off of Bowmaster's stick. Bowmaster is not too shabby when it comes to finishing off the plays that he creates for himself, with a sneaky quick release and able to play the angels and pick his spot in the back of the net, Bowmaster is as strong of a goal scorer as they come. Bowmaster has a strong shot, able to blast the puck from a multitude of areas on the ice and demonstrates a comfortability and confidence shooting the puck in stride. Bowmaster may be a complete offensive player, but his defensive skills could certainly use some work. Not an overly physical player, Bowmaster needs to improve on his ability to fight along the boards as well as in the corners, and become a threat to check players off of the puck. At the junior level there will be no shortage of high intensity physicality, making Bowmaster's improvements in this area a necessity. If Bowmaster can become a strong player in the defensive zone and become an increased physical presence on the ice, Bowmaster has all the potential in the world to become a stud in the future of his hockey career.





Rankings are based from data collected by Minor Midget Coaches, tournament organizers, player advisors, agents, OHL scouts, Asst GMs and GMs to determine the Top 200 players eligible for the OHL Priority Draft. We use live game coverage, game videos and some other auxiliary data. All of this data is compiled and analyzed by Prospects by Sports Illustrated staff and management. This is a preliminary rankings list and our finalized list will be available late Summer 2021, before the OHL draft and after our Prospects by Sports Illustrated Summer Series showcase events.
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