Joseph Macchione




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Written by: David Ciss

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Like many small forwards, speed and skill is Joseph Macchione’s bread and butter. Macchione is a wizard with the puck on his stick and can single-handedly get past an entire team. You don’t have to see the December born forward’s  number 3 jersey to know when he is on the ice. A noticeable presence on every shift, Macchione’s impact stretches farther than just his offensive game. A major aspect of his game is his forecheck and aggressiveness without the puck. He constantly forces takeaways and always seems to be in the right place at the right time to find loose pucks. Macchione is a puck magnet. He works hard to take possession away from the opposition, but the puck always finds his stick to intercept passes. 


His speed and puck-handling abilities are atop his age group. He plays a confident game and has no problems going in alone for an individual effort to create a scoring chance. He is a great stickhandler and an even faster skater which when combined make him a deadly offensive threat. While Macchione can go end-to-end by himself, he’s not a very selfish player. He has great on-ice vision and can make very smart and effective passes. While scoring goals is what he is known for, he has the tools to be a high-end playmaker as well. His game is very well suited for the power play as well as he can create space with his speed and puck-handling abilities and dish the puck out to an open man. 


There are not many weaknesses in Joseph Macchione’s game however there is room for improvement. In order to get the most out of his abilities, he could improve his shot. It is not a weakness of his game but if he can add some more power and improve his accuracy, then there is no telling what his ceiling could be. As a smaller forward who plays relentlessly and aggressively, he is typically the one doing more of the chasing but he can at times get knocked off the puck rather easily by bigger players. He uses his skating abilities to make himself tough to catch and to get the puck from but when outmuscled, he can lose possession rather easily.  Despite this, he has had no issues putting up points due to his size and I don’t think it will be a major issue moving forward.





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