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Written by: Steven Mobilio

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Considered to be a top prospect in the upcoming 2021 OHL Priority Selection, Mitchell Brooks brings elite scoring to the table, along with an impressive level of puck skills and an explosive stride that allows him to blow past defenders with ease.  His unpredictable style of play can beat defenders in a multitude of ways as he can control the play around him when he has the puck and reads the ice incredibly well.  His zone entries are very strong, and he can set up a play upon entry while carrying the puck.  His shot is amongst the best in his age group as it is strong, accurate, and can be released incredibly quick.  If Brooks is in a prime scoring area, he knows how to pick corners on goalies giving them little chance to make a save with the puck most likely ending up in the back of your net.  If Brooks is open, he should be considered a threat as his hands will allow him to deke in tight on a desperate defender, or make you pay with his shot, so it is best to not leave him open.


When watching Brooks on the ice, his hockey IQ will jump out at you immediately.  He does not need to score goals to be a threat, because his playmaking abilities make defenders keep an eye on anyone who may be open due to his playmaking abilities.  He is unselfish as he enjoys setting up his teammates for key scoring chances to put the team in a better position to win.  Brooks always seems to find a way to accumulate points consistently over a season which is attractive to coaches that know they can rely on him in a pinch when they need a goal.


Although Brooks is not the biggest player on the ice (standing at 5’9” and weighing 173lbs), he uses his frame effectively and is much more physical than one would expect.  He can throw the body and be aggressive in puck battles with a refuse to lose attitude.  As he continues to grow and put on more muscle, he will continue to excel in his physical play.  Brooks is also outstanding in the faceoff dot.  It does not matter where the faceoff is taking place, Brooks always seems to find a way to win it and gain possession for his team to thrive.


With Brooks excelling in all three zones, he has become a dependable player that any coach would love to have in their roster.  He can play in any situation thrown at him and take it in stride in order to lead his team to victory.  All these abilities clearly show that Mitchell Brooks is a top prospect in this upcoming OHL Priority Selection and can become an important asset to any team that selects him.





Rankings are based from data collected by Minor Midget Coaches, tournament organizers, player advisors, agents, OHL scouts, Asst GMs and GMs to determine the Top 200 players eligible for the OHL Priority Draft. We use live game coverage, game videos and some other auxiliary data. All of this data is compiled and analyzed by Prospects by Sports Illustrated staff and management. This is a preliminary rankings list and our finalized list will be available late Summer 2021, before the OHL draft and after our Prospects by Sports Illustrated Summer Series showcase events.
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