Alex Maiorino




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Written by: Steven Mobilio

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Alex Maiorino is a solid two-way defenseman who is known for his smooth skating ability and hockey IQ.  Recently, he has exceeded most expectations by going through three levels of hockey in less than a year to reach Triple A, proving that he can be a solid player for any team.  He sees the ice well which allows him to create plays and this all fueled through his skating.  Maiorino’s been working on his play in all three zones as his goal is to contribute defensively, while also driving the play forward on the offensive end.  Maiorino’s also been taking the limited ice time in stride and has worked on his shot.  He uses a setup he has at home to increase his accuracy, and better his release to make it quicker.  He knows his shot can improve so he is taking this time to make it better in any way he can.  When he is not competing or training, Maiorino stays in shape through cycling and playing basketball with friends.  He goes to the gym 3-4 times a week to work on gaining strength along with trying to become more explosive to increase his agility on the ice.  On a game day, Alex will spend two hours preparing before getting to the rink, and prepares by doing meal prep, visualizing, watching game footage, drinking lots of water, taping his stick, and listening to music.  This commitment to preparation allows him to be properly prepared for the competition ahead of him.  Maiorino has compared his game to the likes of Quinn Hughes and Morgan Rielly, but with more of a focus on the defensive side of the ice where he will occasionally jump up into the play when he sees an appropriate opportunity.  He is a calmer player who does not let his emotions get the best of him, but still plays with an edge to ensure opponents do not get too comfortable in his zone.  Once Alex can get back on the ice to compete, look for him to take all his skills he has worked on during the pandemic into a game, and showing that his rapid improvement will only continue.  This quick improvement should show OHL teams that he should be in consideration to be a pick in the upcoming OHL Priority Selection.





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