Anthony Cristoforo

Toronto Jr. Canadiens


Written by: Nick Tatler

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One of the best all-around defenders in the GTHL Anthony Christoforo does almost everything right. Starting in his own zone, Christoforo is very reliable and consistent, he battles hard for positioning and breaks up plays consistently. Every game you know what to expect from Anthony he will do his job and do it well, he seemingly never takes a play-off as consistency is one of his greatest assets. He’s incredibly smart and reads developing plays well and seems to know what every opposing player is going to do with the puck. He is not a big hitter as he is still growing into his body but he is not afraid to hit or go into the corners. He often comes out of puck battles winning because he utilizes his smarts and is very agile. With the puck in his own zone, he is very calm and does not rush or force a play. His breakout passes are accurate and lead his forwards towards the opponent's zone. In the offensive zone, Anthony shines, He’s a powerplay quarterback and can run faceoff plays both on the powerplay and normal faceoffs that he thinks will be effective. His vision is superb and he sets up his teammates for easy goals. His crisp, and accurate passes from the blueline in the offensive zone are a tool he utilizes and takes advantage of often moving the puck quickly and making defenders on opposing teams start to scramble. His shot, though needs to add power, is accurate and is often utilized to create easily deflected goals or opportunistic rebounds. He often breaks out and becomes a backdoor threat during odd-man rushes which further shows off his positioning and high hockey IQ. As previously mentioned Anthony plays on the powerplay but is also a solidified member of his team’s penalty kill. He is known to be a tremendous person with a high motivation level to achieve his goals in the hockey world. As Anthony continues to grow and develop as a player it’s easy to see him transitioning into a solidified two-way defender at the next level.





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