Atom Thususka


Sudbury Jr. Wolves






Written by: Nick Tatler

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An agile and quick player who plays a wonderful two-way game, Atom Thususka is a forward that’s hard to match up against. The first thing you realize when watching him is his next level athleticism. With and without the puck Atom is shifty and overwhelmingly speedy which allows him to overwhelm defenders and be in a high danger scoring area or put the puck on the stick of a teammate who then puts it in with ease. Atom has a great shot and can put the puck where the goalie can’t save it. His vision is great and he can cycle the puck as well as anyone in his age group. He uses his hands and skating ability to move around with the puck in the offensive zone and cause opponents to break down defensively, in turn allowing him to get to the slot. Though he won’t physically overwhelm anyone however he can lay a hit when he needs to and isn’t afraid to go down low and battle for the puck. He backchecks as hard as he forechecks and uses his wicked speed to catch up and force the puck off an opponent's stick. In his own zone he is very responsible and knows what to do at all points. Atom will help out his defenders down low and help pick up an open man if needed. He forces the play to the outside and when he’s on the ice makes a noticeable impact in lowering high danger opportunities. He isn’t afraid to block a shot and will get into passing lanes. When he has the puck in his own end he will use his speed to quickly turn it around and bring it offensively but when he doesn’t see a lane he is smart enough and possesses the skill to circle around and make a strong breakout pass. Atom is a wonderful player who is someone his team puts on both the powerplay and penalty kill as well as being a player that is relied upon late in the game or overtime. Atom is a known leader, captaining his team last year and always supporting his teammates. As he continues to develop Aton Thususka is a player you’ll want to keep your eye on entering his draft year. 





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