Beckett Senneke




Toronto Marlboros



Written by: Nick Tatler

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An offensive minded forward who can play both wings and center, Beckett Seneke is best described as an offensive talent. Beckett knows how to contribute in any situation, and his offensive touch is noticed with and without the puck as he knows how to create space for his teammates, while also being great with the puck seemingly creating plays out of nowhere. His hockey IQ is very high and when he has the puck in the offensive zone he knows what to do with it, his shooting is OHL caliber already as it’s accurate and hard while his passing and playmaking ability is top tier. He also has very crafty hands and can get around almost any defender with a deke and pure speed. His skating is something that stands out immensely, his edgework is phenomenal and his smooth yet powerful strides allow him to burst right by opponents. When playing the wing he is very good along the halfboards and cycling the puck. He plays on the powerplay and utilizes his vision and that halfboard play to generate easy scoring chances, often near the top of his team in powerplay points. When playing center Senneke sets up his wings for easy goals using his space making and puck moving skills aforementioned, he is continuing to get better in the faceoff circle and will be more consistent as he gets stronger. The defensive zone is where Seneke is still growing as a player. He’s actively working on playing a full 200 foot game and not being solely offensive minded. That being said he does currently play on the penalty kill as his speed and hockey IQ make him a threat. If he breaks up a play he has more than enough speed to beat nearly all defenders in his league for a breakaway, and if he gets a breakaway it's more often than not in the back of the net. His offensive game is already OHL ready and as he continues to develop the defensive aspect, Beckett Seneke is a player you’ll want to watch for in the 2022 OHL draft.





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